Well, most of you who know me, would say that i to a certain extent are “sort of normal” other would say “Geek, hidden inside something almost normal” .. Well, I think I am many things, but having chose the IT business as my career path, it makes sense I am excited about the opportunities.

I am the person who think it is quite normal to have a LAB at home; IT-Lab that is. Having servers, workstations, tablet’s, laptop and set top boxes, are quite normal – and I could not think of is any other way. So what do I have hidden there “back in dungeon”.

Virtualisation – Is the cure for many of my Requirements

And as such i have embraced the offerings and are now working with 2 Virtual Platforms. I will try and explain in a little bit more details here.

hp-microserver-550x336MasterMy HP Micro server N54L – with 16GB of RAM is running Windows 2012R2 with Hyper-V and SQL 2012 Express. This is “built for purpose” and amazingly a well functional box, that satisfies almost all my Windows Virtualization Requirements.

I have the chance to run a full and efficient Windows AD Setup at home, normally something like 3-4 Windows servers active (before the processor gets a bit tired) – but out of a this box / small footprint and the options to benefit from having up to 4 disks in one small enclosure – WOW !!!.

I have recently left my Proxmox implementation and migrated to cloud offerings. Windows Azure is for the time being the place to go, the place where I get my chances to implement relevant and modern IT Infrastructure components, for the time of my projects and turn them off when no longer needed.

It does come with a price tag, but I think I am spending something in the area of DKK 2000 pr year, and I am certain that this is a cost savings compared to having to acquire physical infrastructure, electricity and all the other related actions.

Other Stuff – Hardware

  • Workstations – Oh boy ….. I have way too much hardware here, and we are working on migrating some stuff and replacing them with ….ahhrrrrm.. universal devices…. work in progress.
  • ThinkPadX201Lenovo Laptop T410 is used by my oldest son, for his school and game related actions. Real gaming is supposed to happen on his Xbox One, still working towards this objective.
  • Lenovo Yoga is my oldest son, used for his Minecraft Actions, and boy, the amount of constructions that came out of this machine (I3 with 8GB Ram and SSD) is amazing. He is using a Xbox 360 in the Living Room for his gaming needs, and it’s getting its run for the money.
  • Tablets: Samsung Galaxy 10 and Tab S 9.7 is in the house.
  • Phones; We are still a Microsoft Phone Family, and 2*Lumia640 – 1*Lumia640XL – 1*Lumia930 + Samsung Galaxy A5 for the Android Fix.
  • New: Microsoft Surface P3 (I5 with 8GB Ram) is my latest and most appreciated go to machine these days. I am daily surprised how well this Tablet/PC is made, and how well it fits my purposes.

Finally; OpenMediaVault – A HP Micro server N40L inclusive 4Disk appliance, streaming media via our Plex Media Center (and all Xboxes, and Tablets in the House) and Serving Files to all workstations – although most of the future file sharing will be done via OneDrive and

All is covered by Wireless N and Gigabit Network (I have recently established a Homeplug / Power over electricity) – and are waiting to write a blog entry about this, once i have established opinion about this (here at home). – And connected to Bredbandsbolaget in Sweden.

On a good day – my DHCP Server hands out 10-15 IP addresses, including TV’s, Phone and Virtual Appliance’s.


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