Surprise of the day – EEE PC with Android 4

Today I had, some time to to certain amount of nerding, and behold – going though the old storage and I found the “good old EEE PC” – the one and first Net book that ever hit the shelves.

Brought to my “in Sweden” by my good old friend (boman) it’s the deification of a gadget, something you bought – version 0.9 – not really production ready and not really useful, but surely something to behold and something to explore in time to come. Continue reading


Og lidt om Sverige på hovedet.

Når jeg nu roser det Svenske system, skal jeg nok på samme tidspunkt komme med en anden advarsel – om et tåbeligt regelsæt der findes her i Sverige.

Jeg bor i en by der hedder Oxie – og til min togstation koster taxien (200SEK) for at komme til toget. Hvis jeg ankommer med toget og skal køre tilbage – så er prisen en del højere (250SEK). Hvad fanden sker der??

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Skatten Ned – Svenskerne gør det !!

Tænk sig, dette Social Demokratiske samfund jeg bor i (Sverige) har taget en kæmpe beslutning – Fradraget for at have et arbejde er sat op – således at en ansat i Sverige med en indkost på ca 40.000 pr måned (Svenske) får cirka 1000 kroner mere udbetalt pr måned.

Tænk sig – fradraget gælder ”kun for de ansatte” ikke for folk med overførelses indkomster eller andre former for tilskud, kan kun løftes via din lønseddel.

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Summertime, anything better?

Having spent a few years abroad – I still have to say that what we see these days (in both Sweden and Denmark) is the start of something hopefully excellent; a wonderful hot summer.

I loved my 4 years in Singapore, I love the time spend in Asia and their wonderful Climate, but days like what we have here in May (20-22 Celsius) and sunshine, with no winds, just make me love this place.

I even spent time (this weekend) painting my fence (at the house), with wonderful help from my boys  – and I did not even complain about the task  Perhaps its spring, perhaps I am just an optimist, but I do love this time.

Keep the 40 Celsius, and the constant sun (in Singapore). I do love it for short time, but I love Scandinavia – and the fact that our climate changes and we always have new expressions, outside our door.

Both the hedgehogs and the rabbits are seen outside, I think it’s going to be a nice spring.
And for those of you, who hasn’t seen the Turning Torso in Malmo – do take the time, it’s an amazing building.

The public system

Basically, since our family is Danish/Russian it’s no surprise that we had to approach the Swedish public system, to get the paperwork done.

Law-obedient citizens as yourself; we went to the immigration services, to secure a permit to stay for my wife, knowing the difficult procedure from Denmark (It took us 14 months to get Elena’s paper in Order in Denmark) – so we did assume that certain things were the same.

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Our youngest son (Max) is attending a kindergarten here in Oxie. I have to praise our lucky star – that we were able to get him in there, since this place is really something special.

Having a kid, who was only able to speak English, it was a very (unexpected) nice surprise (or luck) to have an English kindergarten teacher, who was able to provide Max with the comfort zone of coming to a new place, with his own language; basically he is well adopted into the system and are now mixing between the Swedish and English language as well.


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Lunch in Swedish Schools

Having two kids, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this was also investigated and information was retrieved even before moving here, but let me share the experience so far.

First of all – the Swedish society seems to appreciate the kids more than done in Denmark. Something as simple as a breakfast – is given to the kids who start in the early hours (sometimes I have to deliver my oldest before 7.30 – due to traveling) – and as long as he is there before 7.30 – a nice (healthy) meal is provided in the school.

Lunch – a warm meal is also provided in school, a menu card (to envy the kids) are provided each quarter, the meals are planned, healthy and ecological – something that we really appreciate.

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