Quote: Being the Best at Your Worst

I  wish this (quote) was one my own inventions, but it’s something that I have been inspired by, when reading several blog posts and articles about Rhonda Rousey – whom I actually must admit was not a person I knew (in advance) nor does she represent something that I follow (Ultimate fighter) ..

Nevertheless, since I read many articles, I have found an amazing admiration for this woman.

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Someone killed the “Blackberry Playbook” – or did they ??

Friday’s announcement from Blackberry “Playbook will not receive the OS10” came as a surprise to a lot of people – and perhaps no surprise to us who actually had a playbook. Read more here: http://mashable.com/2013/06/28/blackberry-playbook-good-as-dead/

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Seen on the Web – Mobile killed the PC Star

I have been following the blog of ” Benjamin Robbins, who is spending the next year working solely from a single mobile device. “ and it has been a real pleasure to experience his thoughts and ideas of what is to come; I myself do believe that we will see a chance in market – the Tablet / IPAD and Windows 8+ environment is here to stay (Link: http://theemf.org/2013/01/04/mobile-killed-the-pc-star/)

I this blog post, he compares the Death of the netbook – to the rise of the Tablet. And he points out a lot of interesting observations – the fact that we honestly (with the netbook) tried to accommodate a new experience with the same old – same old software. We never really gave the Netbook a chance to achieve greatness, since we still treated it as a computer.

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Public Wifi Hotspots – Hot or Not ??

Employees are accessing sensitive company information via unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspots, according to a new survey that found public Wi-Fi usage rose significantly over the last year.

The study by the ITRC (Identity Theft Resource Center) surveyed multiple people – who explained that they were using public Wi-Fi hotspots to access confidential work-related information. More than 50% of those surveyed indicated they were either concerned or very concerned about their security when using a public hotspot (but were still using it ??).

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Google to cancel free 10-user Apps Service

Big surprise in thews today, Google is to cancel it’s free 10 user Apps implementation – a service many small companies rely on, only leaving the 50$ pr user – pr year option.

Although i am NOT sure how this will benefit Google (not sure how much $$$ it’s going to contribute to them), they are clearly in their right to be doing such a move. They made the service, they made it available for many (for free) and now they feel ready for charging $ for it.

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Utilization and Data Centers vs. Private/Public Cloud

I read recently a very well written article about Data Center Utilization and what is actually hidden behind this information.

Before we actually start bashing the different Managers about the CPU Cycles – there is a point, it’s more about how efficient we utilize the services we have in place. CPU Cycles is only a part of this, we also need to look at numbers of Clients/Connections/Sessions that we are utilizing – and at the same time how we we serve our clients.

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The Blame Game – But nobody Wins

Situation, you are a consultant assigned as lead engineer for an important customer. Your team successfully executes a carefully planned network upgrade and firewall replacement for #1 customer.

You’ve had planning meetings, you provided two weeks advance notice of the changes, tested the config and checked every detail. You’ve completed the upgrade well within the weekend maintenance window. After final testing you email the customer that the upgrade was completed successfully.

On Monday morning, your cell phone starts ringing before you get to the office. It’s the customer you upgraded over the weekend. Breathless, he tells you the entire accounting department hasn’t been able to print since the firewall upgrade. They need to process salary by 11:00 this morning….. This is urgent, high profile, they’ve already called the IT-Manager. He said to call you directly.

“What? That’s not possible. The firewall doesn’t have anything to do with printing in the accounting department.” You explain all this to the customer, but to no avail. The Blame Game has begun.

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