Roadwarrier – Whats happening here

As most of you observe, my blog was “silent, left for dead” for quite some time (+1 year) but i wanted to bring this back to my daily / weekly or monthly routine, to blog about actions and experiences i have during these days – both as an employee (I work for Informatica) and as an individual, father, husband and “Road Warrier”.

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Apple refuse to “Backdoor their devices”…

The internet is buzzing and this time it’s (imho) a positive thing we are discussing. Based on a recent request from the US Authorities, Apple has refused to “open a backdoor” in their devices to give the US Government access to the device belonging to a “Terrorist” in US.

Apple’s statement can be read in the Customer Letter ( where the organisation stated their intentions and their (current stand) to refuse this request.

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Tusind tak for negerbollen

Jeg vil starte med at fortælle at denne post er en ”mindre provokation” imod den politiske korrekthed der forefindes i det land jeg har besluttet at kalde mit hjem. Jeg har været bosiddende i Sverige siden 2006 og finder både landet og mine naboer, kollegaer og venner – et herligt bundt af ”tosser” som jeg syntes er herlig at kende.


Jeg har dog i de seneste par år, undret mig gang på gang over denne utrolig tåbelige og formynderiske indstilling svenske administration og offentlige diskussioner indeholder, senest har vi i vores lokal område en diskussion om den famøse Negerbolle i Svedala.

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Robots will become a part of our daily lives (P2)

RobotsSo what kind of world would we have where robots can (potentially) take over many jobs, is this the world where we live in a constant bliss – about what the “machines can do for us”.

Wild West Rules

One of the thing that strikes me are that current “unregulated approach” to applying robotics and enhancement into our daily live; to put it bluntly – we need someone to take a stand and say: “Just because it can be done by a machine, it doesn’t have to be done by one” – and also a general discussion of how we secure that the robot (oncoming) workforce are actually working to our benefit, instead of removing jobs (and employment / income) for the low wage workers without replacing their chance and opportunity to “make a decent days pay”.

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Robots will become a part of our daily lives (P1)

It seems obvious for everyone – that Robots will become a major part of our future. We strive to make the “repetitive” work process more automated, and as time goes by, the service industry will see robots becoming a part of our daily live. Robots

In a recent article (FastCompany) many topics was taken into consideration – I think there are a few important actions to consider.

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