Inbox Zero – Is it possible

The assumption of Inbox Zero is a well-discussed topic, something that many people and services have an opinion about, here is some of the actions that I have taken to “get the stress off, and take actions to email nirvana”. Zero1The reality is, some days I feel like my inbox is this dark cloud hovering over my life disallowing any peace from settling in – and makes hours fly by without notice.

I have taken a few actions to “limit” the swamping of my mailbox, Something that have shown an excellent approach in getting things of my plate.

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Spam or Phishing ….. What is What ??

Spam is annoying; It is defined as email that tries to sell you a product or a service. It is junk mail, much like the junk mail you receive that is delivered by the postal services or distribution services – and goes directly into the trash. Phishing, on the other hand, presents a very different threat. The recipient of a phishing attack could give up sensitive information like personal information, credit card, social security numbers or even username and password combinations.

Others may fall for attacks that insist they download a malicious content that installs a dangerous software or keystroke loggers on their system. I have in my previous role seen organisation receiving messages alerting accounting to perform urgent payouts (from Management) which was cleverly disguised as internal emails.

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Taking Memit for a spin ….

I have recently taken memit for a spin; based on a recommendation / suggestion via LinkedIn. One of the founders reached out to the network, and asked us to try out the service. I took the plunge, did a sign up ( and signed up with my twitter account (kudos for simple sign on process).

memit3The tools is entering a crowded marked – taken the plunge into the fields of evernote, box (with the upcoming editing feature), sharepoint, yammer, huddle and many others – with the twist of clipping the online content, sharing it for yourselves, groups or teams.

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September – Using elementary OS

As many of you guys know, i am avid road warrior and mobile user, trying out new operating systems (and services) that would make my day. I would like to share a few words about the “status of the linux desktop environment”.

Since i follow a few linux blogs – Bryan Lunduke wrote a minor review  that triggered my interest; if this tool was something that could make him exited, why not go full blown on this distro.

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Internet Security: Tips I Use for Staying Secure Online

As a Road Warrior and Cloud Enabled person, i have for long time (sadly enough) rejected using password managers and other valid authentication for my personal browsing experience. This was due to many solutions (imho) was very manual – required software installed and no support for the (many) devices that i use.

I have (this summer) settled down my own FUD and established a “Decent Practice” that i would like to pass on to the readers of my blog. Spoiler Alert, i have taken the plunge and trusted a commercial service.. 🙂

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2013 – Do i still need a Server ?? – About Kids MineCraft

Part 1 of ??: We are now in the midst of 2013 – and both in Enterprise and a Home, we utilize an amazing variety of Cloud Services, both our email, storage and other features, some (many) have their primary device these days in the shape of a Tablet / Pad.

This blog (and the hopefully several upcoming articles) will show both how you can use the Cloud Servers / Services to your benefit, as well as where this geek (me) still have the need for a Physical Server.

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Guide to Scary Internet Stuff – Phishing

Yes, i do know that many of you are aware that i am working for Symantec, but i have found these presentations excellent, especially for those who may need a reminder why we have to take care on the web.

I will try (over time) to post some of the Videos (embedded) but do take the time (once in a while) and remind yourself, there is a less to be learned – and try not to be a target out there.