Roadwarrier – Whats happening here

As most of you observe, my blog was “silent, left for dead” for quite some time (+1 year) but i wanted to bring this back to my daily / weekly or monthly routine, to blog about actions and experiences i have during these days – both as an employee (I work for Informatica) and as an individual, father, husband and “Road Warrier”.

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Blogging again in 2017

Welcome back to myself, i have to admit that my blogging efforts have been on a hold, for something close to a year (by now). I find myself consuming a lot of content from the Internet, but never contribute – this has to change 🙂

Tusind tak for negerbollen

Jeg vil starte med at fortælle at denne post er en ”mindre provokation” imod den politiske korrekthed der forefindes i det land jeg har besluttet at kalde mit hjem. Jeg har været bosiddende i Sverige siden 2006 og finder både landet og mine naboer, kollegaer og venner – et herligt bundt af ”tosser” som jeg syntes er herlig at kende.


Jeg har dog i de seneste par år, undret mig gang på gang over denne utrolig tåbelige og formynderiske indstilling svenske administration og offentlige diskussioner indeholder, senest har vi i vores lokal område en diskussion om den famøse Negerbolle i Svedala.

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Internet Security – for home and devices

Just to be certain that people do understand what can be done, and what ”should be done” in regards to secure your family in regards to access to the internet. Several of you parents (from my kids school) have reached out to me, to ask what they can do to secure and log “improper communication” on behalf of their kids. This situation already do provide me with a very unpleasant “vibe” since it should not be necessary to “log our kids” nor should we need to explain what and how to behave in school (or online).

  1. Education

All types of security for home (kids and adults) start with education. Do your kids decide what software to install on their devices, do they have only know people in their “friend list” and do they know what is prudent to share on the internet.Online safety for kids

I have taken some time to speak and educate my family around the challenges on the internet. What are you supposed to do on the net, what is proper behaviour, what can insult people. What kinds of links or emails can they click on, what is safe, and what would never happen in real world.

Example; if someone send you a message to click here to sign up for free “IPad, IPhone, Candy, or other physical presents, then it may not be the truth”. A bank, nor a company would (should) never ask for personal information, unless it has already been agreed upon, no person should deliver their personal address, phone number or information about their school, home or parents.

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Review of Nokia Lumia 720

Recently, due to certain professional changes in my career – i have been given the opportunity to spend more time “nerding” and due to desire for changes – i decided to ditch my Blackberry Bold (9780) and replace it with a brand new Nokia Lumia.

I was investigating the different models – and i think the chosen model (720) was the right match – long battery life, good camera and “middle of the road value” made price / specifications match what i consider a decent match for a phone. I am NOT interested in spending a fortune on a phone – It will not become the Tablet Replacement i would hope for, so rather go with “good enough” and then spend the hard earned money of a decent tablet.

So; What is my opinion at this stage. VERY Positive 🙂

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