Blogging again in 2017

Welcome back to myself, i have to admit that my blogging efforts have been on a hold, for something close to a year (by now). I find myself consuming a lot of content from the Internet, but never contribute – this has to change 🙂

Sources and Network

Reading up these days, give me an insight to the excellence of Einstein: The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. 

This is something i clearly believe in. Having a strong personal network is something i carry with me, and appreciate in my daily life, both as a professional IT consultant – and as an individual who are just trying to live this live, in the best way possible.


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I am not perfect, but trying to become.

What does it take to become happy and successful in life; is a question asked by many. I am not saying I have the full recipe – but I think (and try) to live by certain rules, which perhaps can bring me closer to the things I want.

My goals and desires are a major part of it – as well as my personal relationship and the involvement I have with other people. I believe that it is possible to plan to become successful / happy or whatever we want, as long as our motivation is there.
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Dont give up – I havent done that.

Been through a lot of actions at my work recently – some of it has been a challenge that I would have been best without, some of it has been a learning experience – errors have been made, but also right decisions have been taken
(and possibly overruled by others) But then again – is that not all about life?

I have come to term with the following sentence: “The freedom to move forward to new opportunities and to produce results – comes from living in the present and not the past”

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Time for a new blog.

Technorati Profile

During the last few months I got a lot of feedback from friends and relatives; the message was clear: I have way too many internet sites and email accounts.

have now decided to replace most of these, and will try and make a “slim approach” to my internet exposure – and replace most of the stuff with a simple approach (If possible). There will be 2 sites:

  • Personal: Friends around the World; Is a private site for friends and relatives – a mix between Danish and English language.
  • Professional: Jensen Consulting; Business information, Software and all the other stuff.

At the same time I will try and secure that only one email account are being used:

I hope this new approach will help you all – in regards to look at the more “slimmed down” internet approach – in time the other systems and mail accounts will disappear and be removed from my inventory – but it might take a year or two.

Nikita’s holiday (Part 2)

June 2007: Having a week home to recover after summer-camp (and wash clothes for new holiday) we had to send him on the plane towards Russia (St. Petersburg) where he would spend the summer with his Babushka once again.

It is surely something that makes him very proud – that he can travel alone to Russia (Issued with tickets and money to buy cola on the plane) – makes him feel very grown up; he is actually now considering this procedure something normal (done it once before :-)) – but he is surprised that he is the only one from his school who is doing this – but i guess they are not as fragmented family as our, spread over the different locations.
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Been to Russia to Long

** Please note, this one has been used before on the web-site – but hasn’t lost its touch with daily life with a Russian. And do believe me, i love the Russians (if you ever where in doubt)


1. You don’t think things are that bad right now.
2. You have to think twice about throwing away an empty instant coffee jar.
3. You carry a plastic shopping bag with you “just in case”.
4. You say he/she is “on the meeting” (instead of “at the” or “in a” meeting).
5. You answer the phone by saying “allo, allo, allo” before giving the caller a chance to respond.

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