– Free 50GB to all Android (& Blackberry)

Storage provider is offering a free 50GB to all Android users who log into the Box application on their Android device before the 23rd of March. The storage upgrade is applicable for life once applied.

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Treat them like V.I.P

Of the most important things a salesperson can learn about selling services, or any product or service, is to secure having something of value to talk about when starting a cold call.

Nothing is worse that calling and doing the old “Just checking in…” routine.  You are wasting time: Your own, Your prospects time, and making it seem as if you are nothing but a robot caller.

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Is there an alternative to Microsoft Share point ?

As some of you actually know, I am really keen on the Microsoft Share point 2007 Solution – and believe it’s a rather interesting tool for business solutions.

But the tool comes with the obvious dependency of Microsoft Software, you need their Windows Servers, Workstations, Microsoft Office 2007 Software and most likely more will find yourself in pipeline for future investments in the product.

But behold – there is an alternative from O3spaces – made for OpenOffice.


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Reasons organization fails at project management #2

Previous Crash and Burn

A common criticism of project management methodology is that it is cumbersome, paper intensive, and takes too much focus away from the work at hand.

Sometimes this is a reasonable concern, caused by not scaling the procedures to the size of your project. However, project management was not the problem.
The problem was a misguided attempt at implementation of project management. If you implement project management procedures right, the results will be outstanding.
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Reasons organization fails at project management

Generally speaking, all companies and organizations are trying to get better at project management. (In other words, I haven’t seen any that are purposely trying to get worse at it.)

Many companies do believe the role is impossible and may (or may not) have recognize that there might be a value associated with being able to manage projects more effectively.

Why then, are so many organizations still so bad at project management? What is keeping them from being able to effectively manage their projects? See if you can pick out one of my reasons why your organization may falls short in completing a good project.
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