Roadwarrier – Whats happening here

As most of you observe, my blog was “silent, left for dead” for quite some time (+1 year) but i wanted to bring this back to my daily / weekly or monthly routine, to blog about actions and experiences i have during these days – both as an employee (I work for Informatica) and as an individual, father, husband and “Road Warrier”.

Let me start with the job actions, and get this out of the way. I am now closing in on the 3rd year with Informatica, a role i find interesting, frustrating, exiting and a lot of fun. I have a good team of colleagues, an extended organisation who really wish to succeed, and customers making my day exiting and interesting.

So many things are going on in day to day actions, Cloud Technology is becoming the new norm, and the concept of “Big Data” seems to mean something new to any person i speak to.

I find it interesting to work in a world where so many things are possible, where the expectations are high – we are all trying to keep up with the expectations of others, but there is a new and interesting topic to learn from almost every day.

On the personal level, we are still living in Sweden, now 10y plus, and still enjoy this. My boys are older (17+13) having different expectations to life and living and every day seem to give us new experiences.


As some of you have read in the news, a lot of things are happening in the world (and also in Malmo) – some of them are visible, other we do not experience out here in the country side, but at least we all feel happy, safe and glad to live here. I may (in near future) express my personal opinions about politics and more; i have embraced being a Resident of Sweden, but i have never found it necessary to exchange my danish passport with a Swedish one, and i will still be an opinionated personality with freedom of speech.

On my personal Technology side (which do still consume a lot of my time, i am so lucky to have my work and interest combined) – there is still so many things to learn. I still enjoy the time with my setup at home, although i do find myself spending less time with it, i still run 4 home servers and a setup that make no sense at all (except for me) and make me want to learn more about the topics day by day. I will write another specif post about my personal geek life, watch this blog in time to come.


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