Blogging again in 2017

Welcome back to myself, i have to admit that my blogging efforts have been on a hold, for something close to a year (by now). I find myself consuming a lot of content from the Internet, but never contribute – this has to change 🙂

A lot of actions have been going on in our world by now. Trips have been performed (Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Singapore and Manila and others) – devices has been changed – now my primary device is a Microsoft Surface, and i have changed from Windows Phone to an Android Device.

The concept of remaining on a Windows phone here in the early 2017 seems to be a “dead-end” – a lot of the application developers are leaving the Windows (phone) world, even Microsoft strategy around the “mobile future” does not necessarily include the Windows Phone (first, or at all).

So the options are back to Android or Iphone. And Apple did never do anything for me (never really made me interested, despite the encouragement from friends and colleagues here, there and everywhere – so i had no doubt about the future (for me) belongs to Android.

So what phone did i choose – I am now on MOTO Play Z, a really decent “mid/high end device” which exceptional battery and performance, and the chance to extend this with Moto Mods – of which i now have the extra battery pack and the JBL Speaker.

This device is now setup with the Chrome cast at home (Wonderful device), and my Pebble Steel Time (Clock, for daily driver, messages and steps recording) – again another device that is no longer produced (Acquired by Fitbit, after they ran out of funds) – but at least i have a functional work-flow (as of today)

Basically, trying to make the tools work for me and getting out of the way. I have reached that stage in life that a flawless experience trump any tinkering. May be a bit boring, but makes things more easy to manage.

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