Apple refuse to “Backdoor their devices”…

The internet is buzzing and this time it’s (imho) a positive thing we are discussing. Based on a recent request from the US Authorities, Apple has refused to “open a backdoor” in their devices to give the US Government access to the device belonging to a “Terrorist” in US.

Apple’s statement can be read in the Customer Letter ( where the organisation stated their intentions and their (current stand) to refuse this request.

There seem to be many interpretations of the case and actions, some say this is an Apple Marketing Stunt – and they will fold and hand over the keys to the kingdom later, others say this is a fight for digital rights and personal freedom.

This topics has (according to Apple) – “implications far beyond the legal case at hand”and that they at this stage are taking the issue to a public display and dialogue is needed these days, the US government (and others for sure) have had their fields days in regards to making secret and “illegal tabbing for information” a norm now – and I think it’s about time we all stand up and discuss; Do we (ALL) have right to digital freedom, and do what we want in our personal space – or do government (and here I mean any government) have the right to secure access to what we have considered personal until this day.

2010-05-12T11-03-40 -- DSC_0241

The challenge here is – that if we hand over the “Keys to the Kingdom” and provide a technical way to access content and information – hereby bypassing the security of Encryption, who can gain access to the content is without any boundaries.

The implications for this “technical fix” are way beyond this “search for the information in this crucial case is NOT to protect the right of the shooter (who I have zero tolerance for, nor wish was ever born to walk this ground) – but the implications are massive, and the fact that we are using the grounds of a 225 year old law as “legal ground” make this case even more dodgy.

Read more on the Internet, the case does include you as a citizen of any country in the world, and what rights we should give our governments in regards to access to our confidential and personal technologies.


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