A new device, behold the Surface Pro

I got  myself a Surface. My laptop broke and I’m fed up with using different devices  around the house. I like to be flexible with what I need of services and my windows phone has been my favourite tool for quite some time. 

According to the many reviews, blog posts and discussions I’ve read, the keyboard and glass trackpad are a really good combo. Having tried it out for fifteen minutes at my local electronics pusher, I don’t think I’m going to have  any problems working for several hours at a time on it.

I have taken the Type Cover with me – and it feels great, at this moment I am testing my Microsoft Wedge Keyboard and Mouse – not certain who can become the winner here. The trade-off with a “real keyboard” compared to the typo cover, the fact that Bluetooth will drain the battery a bit faster that without – I am still in doubt. I do love the physical mouse (having a pen included) is something I might have to get used to – but let’s take a check-up on that a few weeks from now.

The Surface runs Windows 10. Not the mobile OS, the full one. Microsoft have cunningly rendered Apple and Android’s superior app-stores irrelevant. I’ll have access to anything that works on Windows, as in everything I need, and honestly – I have removed a few apps today that I thought I needed, but rather want to use the Web Sites as alternative, than being bothered with an application. The fact of having a gazillion apps on my device, doesn’t really cut it for me.

I tried so hard to avoid this device (purchase) – I so much wanted my Android Experience to be great, but honestly – nothing really beat a full blown Windows Computer (and no, IOS was never really into the picture). I did like what was offered on the Galaxy Tab S models, and combined with the Galaxy phone – it was a great combo ….. But still no windows…

It’s now  the 3’rd of January – and time will tell.. But I am looking forward to my US Trip next week, I can leave the laptop (read Workstation) at home.


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