Robots will become a part of our daily lives (P2)

RobotsSo what kind of world would we have where robots can (potentially) take over many jobs, is this the world where we live in a constant bliss – about what the “machines can do for us”.

Wild West Rules

One of the thing that strikes me are that current “unregulated approach” to applying robotics and enhancement into our daily live; to put it bluntly – we need someone to take a stand and say: “Just because it can be done by a machine, it doesn’t have to be done by one” – and also a general discussion of how we secure that the robot (oncoming) workforce are actually working to our benefit, instead of removing jobs (and employment / income) for the low wage workers without replacing their chance and opportunity to “make a decent days pay”.

Who will own the Robots?

Currently, most organisations that apply this solution are doing it as a “replacement of simple and repetitive workforce actions“; with the ambition of being more productive and secure cost savings. These costs savings (although great for business) are not “funded back into society” and as such it become the profit of a few – to the disadvantages of many.

In an article (MIT Tech Review – August 2015) the discussion about access and ownership is discussed and how the future are to be shaped, if we do not solve the income and society related issues with an increased automated workforce, and I think it is important that we all start to think, how we position ourselves and our children in such a future world.

How will the future looks like

human-vs-robot-00As said by Niels Bohr “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future” – we live in difficult times. We are faced with a lot of opportunities to improve our society and world in general, but we need somehow to secure that we establish a global shared approach and potential regulation in regards to how we wish to introduce robots into our world – since the game changing scenarios would be very difficult to reverse; It has many time been seen – that once we introduce changes, we have a hard time to cope with the effects (Think Global Warming, Genetics and Farming and many similar “improvements”)

Embrace ourselves; let’s look for a positive outlook for robots in our world – and not fear the Skynet … But let’s make sure those who are working in the field and employing the services in our society will have the best intentions as primary incentive.


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