Robots will become a part of our daily lives (P1)

It seems obvious for everyone – that Robots will become a major part of our future. We strive to make the “repetitive” work process more automated, and as time goes by, the service industry will see robots becoming a part of our daily live. Robots

In a recent article (FastCompany) many topics was taken into consideration – I think there are a few important actions to consider.

Service Robots

Having Robots, as a kind of “Service Provider” can take the incentive out of the more “simple and low paying manual jobs” – the article describes US Based Low cost labour intensive industries (Burger Flipper, Service and Maintenance Providers) – which due to rising cost in market (US) may see a change of orders, which could make the chains apply robots to this industry.

We could also consider having Robots performing cleaning, farming, delivery and harvesting – since these tasks are time consuming and repetitive =Read structured in the shape and form and as such also would be possible to replace by robots.
Dangerous Job

We already apply “drones” for accessing troublesome locations / hazardous environment and performing jobs where we normally would not be able to perform well (as humans) – I think these cases would also be replaced over time (fire-fighter, diving, high altitude and similar actions) – to the benefit of the human race. We do not wish our fellow man to be in harm’s way, but many actions still require certain amount of “hands on” action.

At the same time we also can see the Manufacturing Industry, performing manual jobs (assembly line, repetitive actions) where humans are less accurate and to a certain extent more slow.

This type of actions have been ongoing for many years (look into the automotive industry as well as industry assembly line) – but due to personal interest in my personal “space” – I have been following the development of a Danish Company (Universal Robots) and their objective for “Collaboration Robots”

This blog post was not meant to be an advertisement for a company doing great things, but as an eye opener for what opportunities can bring to us; by adding Collaboration into the Scenario – we might (in EMEA and US) see many previous manufacturing and assembly line jobs (that previously was sent to Asia for access to more competitive labour costs marked) raise and establish the new jobs that are needed in our world.

By adding and establishing a framework of what can be done, we may be in the situation that new jobs will arise – and this might create opportunities for minor manufacturing companies to establish great things, by placing the robots next to the scientist and investors, for an increased “time to market”.

More to come….


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