Innovation in the Working Space – or My first Apple Broadcast

For the first time in my life, I watched (most) of the Apple announcement for this September release, and it is amazing how mobile has taken an impact into our life, or should I rather say how little focus the “normal” desktop has been given for quite some time.

Apple has (this time around) swollen a few (elephants) and despite previous announcements now has given the users a Pen and Keyboard for their users, now providing access to the ecosystem of productivity. I am not saying that you could not be productive on an IPAD before, but this is a major milestone, and I was quite (amazed/amused) that Microsoft was the “enabling product” showing of this functionality. The world is for sure a very disruptive place.

As I read in an article (Link) it may not even be a problem for Microsoft that Microsoft “Copied” the Surface Tablet approach – since most users will return to an Microsoft Office Application to get things done, and I totally agree.

Actually coming to think of it; I actually think that Microsoft Welcome the chance to “harvest Office 365 Subscriptions” from the IPAD user base, and they should be welcome among the users. On my personal level – it does not “wake my interest” in the IPAD as a product, it is a nice shining toy – but I am still an Ultrabook and potential MS-Surface customer.

Beside this uphill battle; Cool new stuff (Apple TV and the Watch) – I just can’t see myself (yet) buying into this Ecosystem 🙂


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