Why i am using Microsoft Mobile

This is a post i wanted to write for some time; since i feel that the Windows Mobile Experience does not get the credit that it has coming for it, nor does it get the recognition that it (imho) should have.

I have since late 2013 been an avid Ambassador of Windows Phone, starting my experience based on recommendation from a friend (thanks, Thomas – you know who you are) who at that time was rather engaged in the Microsoft World …. He has later moved to an organisation, where he was exposed to the “horror of iphone’s” – which made him wish a desire for a way to return.

Let me start by clarify – I am an Prosumer – Professional Consumer of Phones, who has the need for a reliable “workhorse” that does what it say on the box, and a very limited amount of applications – as long as the basic service works as indented.



I do not consider my phone – the home of a “gazillion of applications” and i am not in the “pissing competition of who has most applications” – i am rather looking at the combined experience of the phone and services – once i have it in my hand.

So why does the Windows Phone provide me with this “valuable experience” that i haven’t found in other environment – let me start with specify the reason why i remain a loyal fan:

1.People Hub

First of all – the people hub is the place my contacts live – or rather say consolidate. This is the single view where all my services (LinkedIn, Tvitter, Skype, Facebook and more) consolidate into a single view, where I can see what my contacts are up to – and what their recentp post, messages, emails and sms (exchanged) was. I do not run between several screens – all contact and communication is within one service for quick and easy overview. Take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/CG-AY-aag1Y

2.Excellent Build Quality – bang for the bucks

The Windows Experience starts with Nokia – they started the Vawe of Windows – not sure if they are going to see it end, but when you look at the quality of the phones (compared to the price point) – I think you are getting much more value than you actually do with a standard Android (not even to mention Iphone’s). It is not difficult to make Quality come at a “high price point” – but try and comare the price point of a 6x or 7x device with any other vendor and you know what I am talking about.

3.Camera – Rocks !!! Big Time !!!

Having had the pleasure of several devices (720, 1520, 1020, 930) i think i will (again) mention the camera actually rocks. There is so many reasons why this is the “spitzenklasse” of phones, having cam’s of 20 to 40 Megapixels – in a range of phones – you really cant go wrong with this. The amount of “Lumia Enabled Cam Apps and Services” will secure that you have a companion for life. See here: http://lumiaconversations.microsoft.com/2014/05/26/100-greatest-lumia-photography-tips-part-1/ – By the way i am certain that there are the same photographers on other mobile devices, but i am far from a Qualified Photographer – but i am still amazed about the options pre

4.Internet Explorer actually works

Why is that a bad thing ?? 🙂 It syncs with my favourites on my Windows Computers (8x and 10Beta) and it actually works.

5.Sync with my Windows Devices

Yes, i like Windows – and i am NOT ashamed of admitting it. I haven’t found any reason why a mac computer should be so much more to experience, nor has my interest in Linux made me consider to change – especially with the new service model and with windows 10 oncoming, i see no reason to take any other vendor that Microsoft – why will focus on “productivity for the professional”.

6.Applications and Services i rely on

I do (as many other users) rely on 3’rd party tools; Podcast Synchronisation, Instagram, RSS feeds and News, Health, Evernote and Box.com – they are all there. Yes – i am sure you can find some strange application in the Iphone/Android repository – but my needs are fulfilled with what i have on the platform.

Did i mention that i actually have Microsoft Office on the system – not some obscure replacement for it.

PS. I am currently running Nokia 1300 and 930 as my primary devices.


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