Internet Security – for home and devices

Just to be certain that people do understand what can be done, and what ”should be done” in regards to secure your family in regards to access to the internet. Several of you parents (from my kids school) have reached out to me, to ask what they can do to secure and log “improper communication” on behalf of their kids. This situation already do provide me with a very unpleasant “vibe” since it should not be necessary to “log our kids” nor should we need to explain what and how to behave in school (or online).

  1. Education

All types of security for home (kids and adults) start with education. Do your kids decide what software to install on their devices, do they have only know people in their “friend list” and do they know what is prudent to share on the internet.Online safety for kids

I have taken some time to speak and educate my family around the challenges on the internet. What are you supposed to do on the net, what is proper behaviour, what can insult people. What kinds of links or emails can they click on, what is safe, and what would never happen in real world.

Example; if someone send you a message to click here to sign up for free “IPad, IPhone, Candy, or other physical presents, then it may not be the truth”. A bank, nor a company would (should) never ask for personal information, unless it has already been agreed upon, no person should deliver their personal address, phone number or information about their school, home or parents.

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