Candid and Open Criticism

Wimagese all live and work in interesting days, and sometime we all seem to forget what a mutual exchange of information, feedback, praise and critics mean for us as individuals.

First of all, I think I would like to state that not everyone are entitled to provide a candid critism of anything, this is a gesture that are to be earned.

I appreciate open and honest feedback from people that I trust, people who know that I will also at the same time return the favour (or heat, depending on the situation) – sometime it can feel like a boxing match, but as long as you know that upon giving a punch . Embrace yourself to receive something back.

We all rely on friends, partners or colleagues to provide feedback on any item related to our daily life, but you know that there is (most likely) only a few persons who’s opinion that resonates with you.

Just wanted to remind you all – that appreciate this friendship of honest feedback, and never (ever) feel that there are boundaries on topics or information, as long as you understand what is appreciated, and what could potentially hurt your friend / comrade or partner.

Take time, when it’s “decision time” and rely on these special friends – being job, personal or just hair colour – Sometime you will be surprised of the response and feedback that you receive. Remember to thank these friends for their feedback – it will strengthen your connection.


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