NAS – The Center of the Connected Home

We live in the days of Cloud Technologies, and as such, most people now can live without a home setup. Some of us (myself, especially) do need a home lap environment, and in such, a very important items is the NAS Setup.

I have since 2009 been a ReadyNAS User, the System being a 4bay setup, have served me well over time, and never let me down. The only thing I can recall is the time when I had to replace two hard drives – but this can hardly be seen as a NAS Problem. Fast forward – end of 2014 – the ReadyNAS is showing signs of age, and it is time for an Upgrade.

May people would say – go back to the latest version of ReadyNAS and continue down the path of success; others (in this case myself) took the plunge and decided that my new system should be an “All in one box” with plenty of Plugins, High Speed and a Flexible and Stabile Environment.

Behold, OpenMediaVault – the Debian Based NAS System – that deliver’s everything in a software solution; Only to apply some decent hardware and a few disks, and we will be ready for Production.

My NAS are based on a 8GB HP Micro server (with 4*2GB Disk Drives) to support most of the actions that are needed for my home. Boot up are provided by a small SSD Disk (USB drives can encounter short lifespan, and we are going towards a trouble-free implementation here – hence this solution).

My current Setup – with implementation and establishment of services are now catering to our home setup, several services are to be seen as the center of importance:

  • ISCSI For my Virtual Appliances
  • PLEX Media Server – For Rocking my Home Multimedia Setup
  • Transmission for my Torrent Need – keeping up with the Latest ISO’s and more, are just something I would like to do in the background.

I am also exploring if to include Calibre for my book management (and Sync over the devices) + Web and Database Server for a Small Future Website is also under consideration.

I will be posting my future “lessons learned in the process” – but having increased the performance of close to 5x that of my previous box, seems out of this world, and show the difference in having an Intel Processor for Server instead of those included in most NAS’es for Home usage.


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