NAS – The Center of the Connected Home

We live in the days of Cloud Technologies, and as such, most people now can live without a home setup. Some of us (myself, especially) do need a home lap environment, and in such, a very important items is the NAS Setup.

I have since 2009 been a ReadyNAS User, the System being a 4bay setup, have served me well over time, and never let me down. The only thing I can recall is the time when I had to replace two hard drives – but this can hardly be seen as a NAS Problem. Fast forward – end of 2014 – the ReadyNAS is showing signs of age, and it is time for an Upgrade.

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Inbox Zero – Is it possible

The assumption of Inbox Zero is a well-discussed topic, something that many people and services have an opinion about, here is some of the actions that I have taken to “get the stress off, and take actions to email nirvana”. Zero1The reality is, some days I feel like my inbox is this dark cloud hovering over my life disallowing any peace from settling in – and makes hours fly by without notice.

I have taken a few actions to “limit” the swamping of my mailbox, Something that have shown an excellent approach in getting things of my plate.

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