Drop the Gadgets, Go “Old School”

The_dead_endWorking as a consultant in the IT Industry (and i am certain other Industries as well) is an area where it is very likely to be “tied in”.

By mentioning, “Tied in” I am talking about the idea or “broading your scope” and secure that your solutions and suggestions are still valid to the problems that we faze – not hitting a “Dead End”.

We see quite often that a “Solution Provider” with specialty in ToolX always seen the problem in relation to his/her favorite tool, and never really make the full stop, re-evaluate the problem you are trying to solve, get focused and secure that we bring something great to the table.

whiteboard1We can mention 100’s of tools to bring along (Online, Applications, Services), but previous experience and a Whiteboard can bring you long way. When did your team latest spent time in a room, where no “phones and computers where available” only to focus on “solving the problem”.

What is the important personal tools in a “innovative troubleshooting session?” … What do you use??


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