Phablets by design – Good or Bad ??

Having seen the recent launch of the IPhone 6 – the gossip among friends and not to forget the reviews coming in – have made me remember how short our memory span are, when dealing with our personal passion – and not to forget favorite gadgets.

I have since early this year been carrying a “Windows Phablet” – both the 1320 and 1520 has been my go to phones for this year, and I have been “ridiculed” by friends and fellow gadget freaks of this being so “Huugge” and that they would never be seen with such a “stupid size phone”

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Quote: Being the Best at Your Worst

I  wish this (quote) was one my own inventions, but it’s something that I have been inspired by, when reading several blog posts and articles about Rhonda Rousey – whom I actually must admit was not a person I knew (in advance) nor does she represent something that I follow (Ultimate fighter) ..

Nevertheless, since I read many articles, I have found an amazing admiration for this woman.

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