Zero Emission Car – My take on the Electric Car.

I had the pleasure in the weekend to visit two different car sales shops, since I had the desire to “investigate and try the new electric cars”. I have recently read a lot about these cars, their advantages (true Electric, not hybrid cars) and wanted to try it out for myself.

The first visit (Nissan) was with the desire to see the Leaf Car, as seen on YouTube, this excellent review  made me wonder, if this could be the excellent small city car, or if it was overrated.

My visit to Nissan was rather a disappointment. The “One” electrical car they had in shop, was with the sales employee home, and as such he would work next weekend, so I could come back. Availability is (imho) also an indicator of how well they wish to sell the items, obvious Nissan had no real desire (this weekend).

Then we (me and the kids) did proceed to Renault – to view their Zoe… Behold, 4 cars parked outside the shop, 3 to test drive, and an engaged Sales Team Representing the shop. After registration and brief introduction, I was handed over a new car, key and was ready to “engage”.

Amazing, Inspiring and Surprising is the best way to illustrate my surprise.

The car is Spacious, high quality interior (in a car this size) the dashboard was excellent in Layout and the Quality of the Ride took me by surprise.

The silence when driving a True Electrical Car is amazing, only thing you can hear are the Wind and the Tires on the Road – The Torque and Acceleration from Start is excellent – the handling was “Spot on” and even the kids of the back seat was positive and surprised about the feeling in the car.

So what’s not to like??? Range, is the one thing that I can think of, and off course the fact that I am not in the marked for a new car (in 2014) – I was doing Research for future purchase.

I drive today a Mercedes C220 (Diesel) and the range is somewhere between 1000-1200 km depending on my driving style and “foot on the pedal” and as such I have a problem with a car that can manage (160-200 km in one charge). I am not expecting a future Electrical Car to be able to match this requirements, but personally, I need to be able to hit somewhere like 350 km in one charge, before this could be my primarily car (and yes, on the longer distances, I would appreciate the 80% charge function, within the 30-45 minutes as promised by Renault).

We do have a second family car at home (Ford Ka) – this car is 3,5Y old – and would most likely be changed within the next 18-24 months – and I do think it is quite possible that an Electrical Car in that future day, would be a very valid option.

If I was living in a Larger City (Copenhagen) and working around town, I would have no problems with this type of Car and Range, but at the moment it is to “early in the process for me”. Future will bring better battery and wider ranges to these Car’s and I am certain, I will be one of these guys in line for such a fine future car.


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