Software Delivery – Catering or Master Chef ??

I think it is fair to say – that we all take pride in our job, the actions that we delivery and the feedback we receive when we deliver a “job well done”.

I have recently taken the role as Project Manager and System Architect for a Large Near and Offshore Provider (Out of Ukraine, search somewhere else for the company name) – but this is a role enjoy to fulfill and i would like to provide my feedback to what purpose i serve in front of my customers and partners.

There is a lot of discussions in regards to what kind of actions the “Nearshore Project Manager” actually fulfill, beside becoming a “bottleneck in the dialogue between the client and the developers” (Irony included) – and i think i have found the easiest way to provide the feedback here – is to “draw the image of Catering for a Party or Being a Master Chef”.

Lets Start – Why and When do you Employ a Master Chef ??

First of all – you will employ a Master Chef, when you have no idea of what to expect – or rather have an idea, but would not be able to explain, identify and describe what you are looking for.
You know you want to be surprised, you know you want something spectacular, and you know that it is the Master Chef who are the only one – who can tell you something about the final result and when it will be ready.

Basically, Design, Taste and Experience, you rely on the Chef and the fact that he/she has taken your input into the “design of the serving(s) – which are being prepared”…

Second, When do you need Catering ??

Well – first of all, you know what you want. You may have the need for feedback, suggestions etc, but you rather know that you have customers / friends or Family entering the door at “2’pm” and they need to be back in action at ‘4’pm… No flexibility there.

You need the Caterers experience in Delivery of the “Serving on time, to expected quality” and by doing so, you establish an agreement of quality, quantity and delivery.

A picture comes to mind…..

Objections, to this…

For sure there is a lot of the objections. I do employ the Master Chef, to perform my Quality “In time and to the Expected Quality”, some would say – i rather disagree. By taking the “plunge and make an agreement” with the Master Chef, you can expect to be “dazzled” – or you can be moderately disappointed, since the outcome was not up to your standards.

Can a “Catering Service” not surprise you – For sure they can – and they quite often will… There is nothing wrong or mildly suspicious in regards to providing constant delivery and quality – That will not make you a Master Chef, it makes you a professional who know’s how to execute and deliver (and satisfy your customer’s).

You may or may not agree with me in regards to this “mildly parody” of the Software Delivery Process, i hope you enjoyed it, and will take this to mind, are you trying to reinvent the wheel – or would you be happy placing your effort where it will be needed.


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