Spam or Phishing ….. What is What ??

Spam is annoying; It is defined as email that tries to sell you a product or a service. It is junk mail, much like the junk mail you receive that is delivered by the postal services or distribution services – and goes directly into the trash. Phishing, on the other hand, presents a very different threat. The recipient of a phishing attack could give up sensitive information like personal information, credit card, social security numbers or even username and password combinations.

Others may fall for attacks that insist they download a malicious content that installs a dangerous software or keystroke loggers on their system. I have in my previous role seen organisation receiving messages alerting accounting to perform urgent payouts (from Management) which was cleverly disguised as internal emails.

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Life Lessons – especially in business are hard to come by.

As many of you who read my blog are aware of, i am (and has been for very long time) a true believer in the Cloud Delivery Model. I do appreciate and understand the value this “delivery model” can benefit business, and i hope that many more companies will see the opportunities.

This week – we have seen IBM Spin of it’s Server Flagship – and handed it over to Lenovo; A Corporation who so brilliantly have continued the delivery of the IBM PC and Laptop’s for the last 8 years, This could tell us how the people in the Big Blue look at the future.

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