New Device for 2014 – Windows RT Tablet

ASUS-VivoTab-RT-9107-650x435Having had the chance to review needs and desire for the upcoming year, and since i have been very pleased with the Windows Phone i have purchased, i also took the plunge and went for a Windows Tablet.

The first question that most people spring into mind is “why not a Windows 8 Pro Education??  why use this “crippled version”. ???

The answer is as simple as it sounds; I have so many computers and laptops in my home, that i did not wish to replace, i wanted to experience what the RT version stand for, what can be done, and how it does fare against other tools. Do have in mind that price level for a standard RT Device is the same as a Android Tablet and even better than the price of the Apple devices that i have seen.

What made you go the Windows Way, You as an individual have always embraced “Open Source”, Linux and other sources of Operations Systems ??

Well, it is my understanding (and hope) that Microsoft will see the light (perhaps in 2014) to “release the Windows RT and Windows Phone as a Free Service, for us to enjoy the Competition and Challenge this will give to the market. Microsoft needs to establish themselves as a hardware company – as well as a serious Phone Competitor – to make value in future market. What better way that to embrace the systems developers and hardware developers around the world and release a solution (Microsoft Phone/RT) to be embedded and utilised.

And finally, something as simple as Office 2013 – is a part of the Device. I have (during 2013) done most of my writing and documentation using Google Docs (and to an certain extend the Microsoft Web Apps) – but it would be great to have “the real application” – or as close to real as it comes on the device.

How do i feel after 14 days ???

Actually quite satisfied with the device. It does satisfy most needs i have for a Travelling Companion, i have reconnected (skype) to many friends around the world – and actually have embraced the usage of Skydrive – which imho is an excellent implementation together with the Microsoft Web Apps / Microsoft Office Solution.


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