Taking Memit for a spin ….

I have recently taken memit for a spin; based on a recommendation / suggestion via LinkedIn. One of the founders reached out to the network, and asked us to try out the service. I took the plunge, did a sign up (http://memit.com/) and signed up with my twitter account (kudos for simple sign on process).

memit3The tools is entering a crowded marked – taken the plunge into the fields of evernote, box (with the upcoming editing feature), sharepoint, yammer, huddle and many others – with the twist of clipping the online content, sharing it for yourselves, groups or teams.

The objective of the tool is team / work-group and sharing content – in a (for many people) new manner:

  • Using the Web Clipper (Working both in Google and IE) to add the content to your collections.
  • You can upload (directly from the interface) to the workbench/establishing actions to yourself, or your team to comments, action and feed into.
  • The content will be available for actions, comments, feedback from those reading your stream (cannot at this moment see how i can active a team container only, the stream can either be private or public).

Based on the feedback on the website, this “Group Action” seem to be the future approach, but for this early stage, it’s great to see the easy way of inputting data and content.

Future request: I would see the benefit of establish a corporate “memit workroom” where my streams are NOT defaulted public.

All content (Test, clips, images and others) resides (Free of charge for storage ??) in the memit cloud, there is currently no offline features (and i cannot see if this is in pipeline). I have this function in Evernote, and personally it has become one of my most valued functions, for me to take along in regards to my data. I have to admit, the sharing function (in memit) leaves promises of something better (than Evernote) – but i am certain there is development ongoing in “both camps”.memit4

Look and feel of the service are great (not sure i like the colours of the website) – but navigation, actions and other things seems to be responsive, and a great way to collaborate in a way as not seen before.

Other Information

This is a mostly web based service, there are clients for Apple (has not tested this, since i enjoy the Nokia Lumia phones) and upcoming for Android, which will greatly improve the chances for penetration – for people who would add content from “on the road” – i applaud this approach, and i do think that with the merging marked, usage of tablets and phones for content work (and personal) – it will add value to the service.

My personal take on it

I am an active user of Box and Evernote; these are the “golden services i utilize”. I am a “Road Warrior” and need these tools to be available on any device and anywhere. I use a mix of Windows, Linux, Windows Phone (and behold, Blackberry Tablet).

I get the point of having this (Online service available) and i think for a with a more “aggressive team approach” this tool can become an excellent collaboration platform, the thing i was hoping for back in the days when Google Wave was available (http://googlewave.blogspot.com).

Would i use it; Perhaps, this tool is in it’s early stage, and i will follow the project to see where it leads. I am currently (from a personal approach) certain that my existing services do deliver to my expectations, but once the system gets more “Teamwork Enabled” – with the chance of have default Team sharing (only mode) – i think this tool has a value for business (Small and Large).


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