Taking Memit for a spin ….

I have recently taken memit for a spin; based on a recommendation / suggestion via LinkedIn. One of the founders reached out to the network, and asked us to try out the service. I took the plunge, did a sign up (http://memit.com/) and signed up with my twitter account (kudos for simple sign on process).

memit3The tools is entering a crowded marked – taken the plunge into the fields of evernote, box (with the upcoming editing feature), sharepoint, yammer, huddle and many others – with the twist of clipping the online content, sharing it for yourselves, groups or teams.

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Internet Security: Staying Secure Online (P2)

Use 2-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a form of authentication that requires an acknowledgement by you. It is usually implemented through a mobile phone that you carry around. It is an extra step to the log in procedure and it makes it harder for someone to get access to your accounts.

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