September – Using elementary OS

As many of you guys know, i am avid road warrior and mobile user, trying out new operating systems (and services) that would make my day. I would like to share a few words about the “status of the linux desktop environment”.

Since i follow a few linux blogs – Bryan Lunduke wrote a minor review  that triggered my interest; if this tool was something that could make him exited, why not go full blown on this distro.

To nail down the experience, this distro rocks. It’s sleek, modern UI – excellent selection of tools and services, and since it’s based on Ubuntu – there is no lack of “additional software” – the application center is the traditional Ubuntu Software Center Approach.

The interface is exceptionally responsive, the choice of Midori (Browser) and Geary (Email) was some i haven’t seen for very long time, and boy is this refreshing. The tools just works, i am sure some of us would prefer the purist approach to “functionality over features” – and with a little additional software installed (Mainly Libreoffice) i have been able to run this distro as my main workstation for a month now.

I have to admit, the i still (can’t avoid it) has the need for Windows (Goddammit Box, when do you launch a Linux Client??) – and despite the excellent included (minimalistic browser) Chromium is still my go to browser in day to day actions.

Having Dual Monitor (Lenovo X201 and HP 2301 Screen) just makes my day, the flow of applications and start / stop of services are as i expected – Yesterday i took the plunge and installed my Virtual Box Software – future test and R&D on my desktop – will be done using the “elementary os”.

Bravo Team ‘Luna – now i will proceed to your site a donate for future development. FOSS does not have to be free, but when it’s this good, my wallet is open.


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