Box is going for the Office Bunch – or are they ?

As we all go to the cloud for more tools, services and functionality – one of my favorite tools ( is about to engage in a new war (of services) – the launch of a “Note Taking / Document Creating”.

Box is for me a platform, sharing services and document management services ( i have a 50gb instance) a place for me to share and streamline all my content (documents, presentations and files) – as well as a copy of my library that i wish to “follow me on different devices” – and i can’t stress out enough how much value it is giving me. There are so many places where this service saves my day – and now they are going to introduce new facilities.

Box-Best-File-SharingI will look forward to welcome the chance to use my favorite collaboration platform (and service) to include my Notes and documents, i am yet to see how it will fly. I find the interest and dedication (for world domination) a welcome chance for such a niche product to play a more important part of our day to day life.

I use several services (Evernote is the first that comes into mind) – that would be in direct competition of this service, not the “actual Microsoft Office killer” as some articles are trying to suggest – i would imagine the “Office Web Apps” is the more likely target:

I am embracing myself, looking forward to take the service for a spin, and hopefully it can bring value to my “computer experience” – and perhaps make me decide to drop other services (and consolidate) for a better view of my productivity. For now, i hope the best and look forward to the new services coming.

And i love the reference and promise of the functionality “Google Wave Like” – this is one of the tools that i cannot forgive Google ever placed in the grave-yard.


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