Proxmox 3.1 Homelab – Now in Cluster

As many of you might know, i have been playing around with Proxmox for quite some time, and as such i would like to say – this tool do provide a lot of “bang for the buck” and as a home lab tool, this is really cool.

My main objective with a Lap is to test software, deployment and configuration of different services, and as such i have need for both Win and Unix machines, in one big pile of systems, versions and configurations. I have deliberately focus on a solution that can provide “Container Based” virtualization, this will increase performance, and avoid unrealistic requirements to my home setup.

So, when Proxmox released version 3.1 – i took actions and flushed all systems, to establish my home setup (as i wanted to).


For a Cluster i need two (or more) nodes; Master and Slave (In this setup at home) my master is a Core 2 Quad Box with 8GB ram and the Slave is a I3 also with 8GB Ram. Both servers has “local storage” – Master has a 3 disk set up (nothing fancy, not using any raid) – and the Slave is running from an internal 1TB Solid State Hybrid Disk (64mb ssd) – seems to work well with Proxmox, “but the night is still young”.



Went quite as expected, no flaws, and no issues in regards to adding the extra drives – i follows the inspiration i got from another site (here: and off i went. The System now has a dedicated (local drive for Systems) + backup and ISO’s – should have enough space for some time.


There was in version 3.1 added a major change to Proxmox, the usage of a “paid repository” for commercial licenses, plus a “nag screen” of purchasing a valid license. I have absolutely no problems with this, if i used the Proxmox Solution for commercial deployment (and not my home lab) i would never had any hesitation of supporting proxmox with the funds (hey, if i use their tool for making money, some of it should flow back to them).

There is an alternative to use a free repository for updates – (here: and as such my servers are now humming along.

Other actions:

I have implemented SPICE ( which dos provide me with “more than the usual java console) – with the added software into the Virtual Windows Boxes, it running smooth and fast – looking forwar dto test this in time to come (Excellent, to offload the processing to the appliance and secure a smooth experience).

Now, it’s time for me to rebuild the setup, for my internal testing. This will take a few days for me to get around setting up everything, but for now – everything looks great. Live Migration between the Cluster Nodes has been tested, works excellent … For all who are using the system for Home Lab, do not hesitate to migrate / upgrade – it’s great as usual.


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