Feature Phone or Smartphone

We are (now in 2013) in the middle of a “brutal smartphone war” between multiple vendors, and as such – it’s difficult to tell who comes out as the Top 3 – i have my suspicions but it’s more guessing than anything else.

I have recently had the chance to “move around phones” and are now switching between two different phones – since i have found different needs to be fulfilled, by different phones. I like to challenge us all – with our need and desires – and perhaps come up with a suggestion.

First of all – my primary phone is a Nokia Lumia 720 – Excellent phone (review here), i can keep two days on the battery and all the services i need for day to day actions (emails, navigation, music, browsing etc).

Recently, for the fun of it; i have had a chance to go around with the Nokia 301 – as extra personal phone, and i actually have forgotten how much value a “simple feature phone can be”. Let me try and share my experience.

Yes, it gets my emails (not in HTML, but anyway) – It play’s my music – takes good quality of photos, and best of all – Never run dry on Juice (Battery is almost a week). It may not be a Smart Phone, but for sure it does the job well – and it got me wondering >> are we blessed with the recent smart phones, or did we become “slaves of the wire” << in the constant recharge, because these new phones provide us with Wifi, Bluetooth and all the others.

I myself are starting to wonder, do i really benefit in regards to my “Smart Phone” – when the other one do provide me with great value.  Could i live with a “Feature Phone”
Feedback’s and Comments are welcome… What is the phone for you ??



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