September – Using elementary OS

As many of you guys know, i am avid road warrior and mobile user, trying out new operating systems (and services) that would make my day. I would like to share a few words about the “status of the linux desktop environment”.

Since i follow a few linux blogs – Bryan Lunduke wrote a minor review  that triggered my interest; if this tool was something that could make him exited, why not go full blown on this distro.

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Internet Security: Tips I Use for Staying Secure Online

As a Road Warrior and Cloud Enabled person, i have for long time (sadly enough) rejected using password managers and other valid authentication for my personal browsing experience. This was due to many solutions (imho) was very manual – required software installed and no support for the (many) devices that i use.

I have (this summer) settled down my own FUD and established a “Decent Practice” that i would like to pass on to the readers of my blog. Spoiler Alert, i have taken the plunge and trusted a commercial service.. 🙂

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Box is going for the Office Bunch – or are they ?

As we all go to the cloud for more tools, services and functionality – one of my favorite tools ( is about to engage in a new war (of services) – the launch of a “Note Taking / Document Creating”.

Box is for me a platform, sharing services and document management services ( i have a 50gb instance) a place for me to share and streamline all my content (documents, presentations and files) – as well as a copy of my library that i wish to “follow me on different devices” – and i can’t stress out enough how much value it is giving me. There are so many places where this service saves my day – and now they are going to introduce new facilities.

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Proxmox 3.1 Homelab – Now in Cluster

As many of you might know, i have been playing around with Proxmox for quite some time, and as such i would like to say – this tool do provide a lot of “bang for the buck” and as a home lab tool, this is really cool.

My main objective with a Lap is to test software, deployment and configuration of different services, and as such i have need for both Win and Unix machines, in one big pile of systems, versions and configurations. I have deliberately focus on a solution that can provide “Container Based” virtualization, this will increase performance, and avoid unrealistic requirements to my home setup.

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Feature Phone or Smartphone

We are (now in 2013) in the middle of a “brutal smartphone war” between multiple vendors, and as such – it’s difficult to tell who comes out as the Top 3 – i have my suspicions but it’s more guessing than anything else.

I have recently had the chance to “move around phones” and are now switching between two different phones – since i have found different needs to be fulfilled, by different phones. I like to challenge us all – with our need and desires – and perhaps come up with a suggestion.

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