Embrace the Cloud Offerings – PAAS

Based on recent news bulletins – Amazon has (again) made a major price cut, now making the virtual servers even more cheap (dare i say cheaper than in your own data centre). This makes the industry go completely over the wall, saying that there is “No Money to be Made” of hosting customers data.

My opinion about the situation is, that we do not work in this industry to host other people data – we work here to service their needs and secure solutions that brings value to their business.

Why not embrace the price cut’s as an added benefit, and increase your profits based on this.

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Personal R & D – Proxmox

Summertime is over us, and i myself enjoy the time outside (with the kids and wife) as well as the fact, that there is time to reflect over skills and knowledge – since i need not to get into action (early) next morning, i spend evening doing some R&D Work.

I have for quite some time used the Proxmox Virtualisation Solutions – for getting my Linux Skills maintained, as well as investigate how this solution do compare in regards to “other Virtualization services out there”.

So let me share my findings:

Proxmox is most likely one of the most efficient Linux Hyper visors on the Market – the technology of Both KVM and OpenVZ – which gives you the best of both worlds in regards to opportunity to deploy.

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Project Management – We do it “my way” – or do we ??

Some of the more popular project management tools these days offer you the option of creating limited accounts for your clients/co-workers and others, so that they can see progress, changes and otherwise interact with you faster than they might otherwise. (Do never assume that email can replace a real project management approach towards success).

Some projects do require a more formal approach to “the PMO Discipline” – while other projects (and customers) would be quite ok with updates via email and phone. What is important is to align the expectations, so you are not caught on the wrong foot.

One of the big questions you have to ask yourself is whether your clients will ever log into your project management tool ??. If the tool is not a part of their workflow or, worse yet, if clients aren’t comfortable with anything but email, asking those clients to use something new just puts one more hurdle between you and them.

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