Someone killed the “Blackberry Playbook” – or did they ??

Friday’s announcement from Blackberry “Playbook will not receive the OS10” came as a surprise to a lot of people – and perhaps no surprise to us who actually had a playbook. Read more here:

Although this news is sad, and perhaps also will “make the return path a living hell” from a few / many of the blackberry supporters out there, we should look into what they had to work with.

  • They are for sure a company who struggles to “make ends meat” and must for sure align their resources to projects with likely hood of success.
  • They have launched a the new phones (Z and Q10) and a few more devices on the ramp, the initial feedback from users, was that these devices have replaced their need to use a Playbook.

  • Playbook and Blackberry World is rather “limited in the offering” compared to others, i myself have found the software and services i need, but then again – i do not have a Gazillion Apps on my devices.

So – perhaps the decision was right, what could they ever have achieved by placing OS10 on the device. I (myself) would not belive that the device itself was up to par with the latest devices out there, and as such would most likely become laggy (at least).

I have come to term that i might have to replace (in due time) my beloved Blackberry Tablet with something else – but for now (June 2013) it’s still one of my favorite devices, and since my employer have not migrated away from the Bold’s and Curve’s of the BRRY Phones, this tablet does serve me well.

So as stated in the article: So, PlayBook, it was nice knowing you. You were, in fact, impressive and innovative for your time. Your features like cards (at least on a tablet), swipe from bevel, true multitasking, wireless content sharing and more have all been copied by more successful mobile companies.

And by the way – i am still running a 64GB storage, video viewing, and Evernote reading of this device; and despite all the additional features in the other tablets on the market, i have found no time (or need) to replace it (yet). But replaced, it will be eventually; and here comes the question – will it then be a Blackberry Phone, or will i reject trust the CEO and Company who stated that this device had their attention. Only time will tell.


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