Someone killed the “Blackberry Playbook” – or did they ??

Friday’s announcement from Blackberry “Playbook will not receive the OS10” came as a surprise to a lot of people – and perhaps no surprise to us who actually had a playbook. Read more here:

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Test Driving Windows 8 for 2 Months

This will be nowhere near the “full review” this software package does need, but rather a “how did it go” from a Windows Business Users.

Background: I had the need for a functional Windows 8 Deployment (Work Requirement for Solution Test with Client) and during this time, i did force myself to be more “familiar” with the Windows 8 Offering. My feedback at this stage will be something like – – – – Yes, the solution is quite solid, and once you get by the very awkward (very, very awkward) Interface, you might find your way around the system – myself, i basically did not bother too much to learn all the shortcuts, a few came under the skin – but for sure not to many.

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