2013 – Do i still need a Server ?? – Filestorage

In last article i explained about my personal usage of a commercial Cloud Service provider, for my kids MineCraft needs, today i would like to discuss the topic of storage and data – specific Cloud File-share / Drives.

It is no secret that i have a lot of devices and have a special need to ‘get that file’ and since i have embraced many different cloud services, it is no surprise that i also use services like Dropbox and Box.Net and Skydrive, simply did not fly here.

Lets start with Dropbox; Being one of the more famous ones here in the bunch, this tool has a lot of good things going for it. Decent (good) support for both Windows, Linux, Android and other devices) this tool is great.
Having a software sync service to upload / download changed files make’s it a breeze to work with, and from day to day i cannot avoid being surprised of how well the service actually works.
Dropbox is the services, that just works from day 1 – it’s kind of swift and nimble, something that would never get in your way and just works as intended.

Being the kind of person i am – i was looking behind the scenes on several other services, and one of them that got stuck with me was the Box Service – a Service which may not be as popular here in Europe, but for the more Enterprise Segment, they tend to focus on a more professional user base. 

The services are a bit ‘more technical’ in the Interface, but since i am one of these (strange??) Blackberry Tablet users, my service was upgrade to a Free 50GB Service, something that is about as good as to be true. Having the Sync Service as well, have made me ‘install and forget’ the same way as you would have done on Dropbox.

But then there are the other reasons. The fact that the system let me View, Read, Listen and Edit to the files in my Cloud Storage, makes it no longer important where i actually access the files, and that i also can upload / update the files without additional fuzz makes the Cloud Worker happy.

I have also established my own library on the Service, where i keep versions of my Magazines (Subscriptions) downloads and other tools, both for myself, and certain friends who also enjoy the chance to share and read – makes this service an absolute killer in my day to day.

So why hasn’t this service completely replaced the Dropbox; Other Users. I still have a lot of friends who share on Dropbox, so for now, i will have several accounts of active services to support this. 

So – what about Skydrive??. I do see the services as being excellent, i do see the tool offered (and the free storage) as something completely identical to what are offered by Dropbox, but i simply haven’t had the support on platforms other than Windows – and since i ‘run a mixed shop’ this is one of the major things for me.

I wished that i was more “Windows friendly” here at home, but since 90% of my actions happen in a Google Chrome Browser, then for now i see no need for switching, If i was on a Windows phone, with a Windows Tablet, then for sure i am certain that picture would have been completely different.

So what does this rant of services mean; You (the reader) have to choose a service that fits your purpose, that supports the platform you need, that offer the services that are valuable for you , on the devices you carry.

You as the Consumer / ProSumer have an abundance of services to choose from, and you should never back down for getting the service you need / require and should you ever have the need to upgrade; the service should offer room enough to grow in a price range that you are satisfied with.

Remember, in many cases – the first fix are free (or at least 5gb) but in most cases – from there you have to pay.


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