2013 – Do i still need a Server ?? – About Kids MineCraft

Part 1 of ??: We are now in the midst of 2013 – and both in Enterprise and a Home, we utilize an amazing variety of Cloud Services, both our email, storage and other features, some (many) have their primary device these days in the shape of a Tablet / Pad.

This blog (and the hopefully several upcoming articles) will show both how you can use the Cloud Servers / Services to your benefit, as well as where this geek (me) still have the need for a Physical Server.

Lets start with the Personal Life (here at home, in Sweden). I am the father of two very ‘digital boys’ who has the craving for many different games, one of them being MineCraft (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minecraft) which i assume almost anyone in the world must know by now.

I have for long time spoken about ‘building a server for the boys’ for them to share the games and fun with their friends. I have researched the topic, found articles on the web; here (http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Tutorials/Setting_up_a_server), there (http://www.howtogeek.com/58968/how-to-start-your-own-minecraft-server/) and everywhere (http://www.giftedparent.org/2013/03/how-to-make-minecraft-server-safer-game.html) – and even though i consider myself a decent admin – i did as many other parents would have done, i took out the credit card and paid 20$ – having the kids online for 3 months – in a 4 player world.

I used a site for testing my connection speed (http://canihostaminecraftserver.com/) and the requirements for Minecraft, and as such since i saw that my upload speed did not provide sufficient speed for many kids, i went with the online service.

The services offered by companies around the world (Advert, i bought mine here http://www.multiplaygameservers.com) give us as a consumer access to a Virtual Server Environment (Container based as i can see it) with sufficient stability to provide a decent service for the kids, and a chance to upgrade should you have the need for more players.

My objective of this blog title today, was to show that a project (Interesting as it gets) was possible to be provisioned, started and the kids was online, with friends within 30 Minutes, made it ‘not worth the time and effort’ to establish in house server for the same reason – since complications would have taken some time, and i am not certain that i would be able to provide a better experience for the kids, and the end of the day – easy Cloud Configuration -> Quick activation and a simple fee gave me access to a needed service. This is how Cloud Services rocks.


2 thoughts on “2013 – Do i still need a Server ?? – About Kids MineCraft

  1. I will not argue about the pros of cloud services, the cost and effort effectiveness is undoubtable.

    But I must say it is impressing to see a 12 year kid (at keyboard since he was 2), setting up his own Mincraft server purely based on English youtube tutorials. Some bits of help with understanding the network things like IP-adresses and FW configs, but now he invites friends to play on his server.

    Its also facinating to understand how big the community around Minecraft is, he is skypeing with friends from all over the globe playing together on the large multiuser servers.

    • I absolutely agree with you, the skills and fun these ’Miner’ have together is exceptional, the reason why we took the easy way was the ’lazy dad’ who needed to assist with home chores, instead of setting up the server (NOW !!) 
      Next server, has to be Established at home, at least just to try it out.

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