2013 – Do i still need a Server ?? – Filestorage

In last article i explained about my personal usage of a commercial Cloud Service provider, for my kids MineCraft needs, today i would like to discuss the topic of storage and data – specific Cloud File-share / Drives.

It is no secret that i have a lot of devices and have a special need to ‘get that file’ and since i have embraced many different cloud services, it is no surprise that i also use services like Dropbox and Box.Net and Skydrive, simply did not fly here.

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2013 – Do i still need a Server ?? – About Kids MineCraft

Part 1 of ??: We are now in the midst of 2013 – and both in Enterprise and a Home, we utilize an amazing variety of Cloud Services, both our email, storage and other features, some (many) have their primary device these days in the shape of a Tablet / Pad.

This blog (and the hopefully several upcoming articles) will show both how you can use the Cloud Servers / Services to your benefit, as well as where this geek (me) still have the need for a Physical Server.

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