Control the Inbox – who’s the boss ?

I read so much about tools that can help you get your “inbox zero” or how to be a better performer in regards to office work, always staying on top – i just wanted to share some simple approaches to my life (and inbox in particular), that i have taken (work and private).

First of all – lets just agree on 1 thing; Email is not your day to day job. It’s a tool to do your job.

Email is not “Instant Messaging” – it is Not constant on, it is not a tool for conversations. This is where we got the IM Tools, and where face-2-face – or at least picking up the phone is an excellent approach (and the only one imho). I just recently (today) had a client calling me from another location, since he also felt we spent to much time emails – and too little getting to the point; And shame on me; for not being the one reaching out.

So lets dig into the actions of your email. Lets face it, email does require you to be connected. But what if you got the connections (scheduled, from time to time) then took down the emails, went offline, to respond to the actions – digest the challange and work on a solution – before getting the reponse to the other party. What if you actually spent Quality Time troubleshooting, instead of communication via Email – don’t you think we would be more efficient.

I am trying to do Batch Processing of my email; I would download and retrieve all necessary emails to my mailbox, and then go offline (there is actually a possibility to do this in Ou
This makes my time “more focussed” and more efficient, getting the quality back to work, not being alerted every 4-5 minutes by new emails makes my solutions and suggestion more extensively and (hopefully) more valid.tlook and other email platforms) – work on the problems – use IM for short messages and requests – and there go back online, when ready to send quality the other way.

Go for the 30 minutes time slot – a few times of day, and you will find yourself more focussed and more “accurate” – not trying to catch the tail of the emails string.

The point is, many things don’t get responded to within 30 minutes anyway, even if your nose is constantly in your inbox. Better to use that reality to your advantage than to never make time for non-email work during the day.

How do you show your inbox who’s boss?


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