Control the Inbox – who’s the boss ?

I read so much about tools that can help you get your “inbox zero” or how to be a better performer in regards to office work, always staying on top – i just wanted to share some simple approaches to my life (and inbox in particular), that i have taken (work and private).

First of all – lets just agree on 1 thing; Email is not your day to day job. It’s a tool to do your job.

Email is not “Instant Messaging” – it is Not constant on, it is not a tool for conversations. This is where we got the IM Tools, and where face-2-face – or at least picking up the phone is an excellent approach (and the only one imho). I just recently (today) had a client calling me from another location, since he also felt we spent to much time emails – and too little getting to the point; And shame on me; for not being the one reaching out.

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