BYOD, Consumerization of IT – How to embrace it.

The market is changing, the consumer approach (or BYOD) is a word we hear all around, someone say it will not take place in Enterprise – others say it’s impossible to avoid.

What i see – in my day to day usage (I am consumer and enterprise user / advisor at the same time) is that we have a minor revolution at our hand.

At one side, Enterprise wish to enforce and protect the data (and especially access to it) and at the same time, users all around look for better “ways to do their job”. Many organisations say that BYOD will not be offered, but at the same time – they are fighting the users in regards to ways to block access to data and services; what can we do to overcome and succeed with this issue?

I think, one of the main things to understand is that we do not have a battle (against consumerization) which can be won by corporate IT. At the end of the day (week, month or year) we have to take into consideration that the future (now more than ever) belongs to the knowledge worker.
The knowledge worker do respect the corporate IT and their requirements, but they also wish that Enterprise do acknowledge their request to work in a more “personalized manner”.

The situation is (Quite often), that users do try to approach IT and the Business in request of permission (to use), but way too often (due to more conservative approach) business would reject the request. As a parents, we may all know that in the end – to many rejections come with the expected outcome, rebellion. I am in no way trying to justify such a rebellion, but we need (in the Y2013 and forward) to take the brave approach and embrace (some) of the opportunities in the new services offered; it may actually end out in better productivity and more efficiency for the users (to the benefit of the company).

I think the winner in this game will be the organisation who embrace the new opportunities; establish alternatives if the request is not “prudent” and/or secure the content and services in a manner to the employees being able to understand the need for control and compliance; i do believe we are aware of the implications of anarchy – but at the same time, if we do not embrace the opportunities provided to us, we (the IT Organisations) will end making ourselves the enemies of the business; and not a real “business enablement department” as we rightfully should be seen as.


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