Seen on the Web – Mobile killed the PC Star

I have been following the blog of ” Benjamin Robbins, who is spending the next year working solely from a single mobile device. “ and it has been a real pleasure to experience his thoughts and ideas of what is to come; I myself do believe that we will see a chance in market – the Tablet / IPAD and Windows 8+ environment is here to stay (Link:

I this blog post, he compares the Death of the netbook – to the rise of the Tablet. And he points out a lot of interesting observations – the fact that we honestly (with the netbook) tried to accommodate a new experience with the same old – same old software. We never really gave the Netbook a chance to achieve greatness, since we still treated it as a computer.

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BYOD, Consumerization of IT – How to embrace it.

The market is changing, the consumer approach (or BYOD) is a word we hear all around, someone say it will not take place in Enterprise – others say it’s impossible to avoid.

What i see – in my day to day usage (I am consumer and enterprise user / advisor at the same time) is that we have a minor revolution at our hand.

At one side, Enterprise wish to enforce and protect the data (and especially access to it) and at the same time, users all around look for better “ways to do their job”. Many organisations say that BYOD will not be offered, but at the same time – they are fighting the users in regards to ways to block access to data and services; what can we do to overcome and succeed with this issue?

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Public Wifi Hotspots – Hot or Not ??

Employees are accessing sensitive company information via unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspots, according to a new survey that found public Wi-Fi usage rose significantly over the last year.

The study by the ITRC (Identity Theft Resource Center) surveyed multiple people – who explained that they were using public Wi-Fi hotspots to access confidential work-related information. More than 50% of those surveyed indicated they were either concerned or very concerned about their security when using a public hotspot (but were still using it ??).

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Could I live with a Chromebook ?

I have been watching the offerings from Google Carefully, and recently spent a lot of time thinking about the objective of Google and their Appliances (the Chromebook) – and i think from a personal perspective, i am a bit confused here.

First of all – the fact of having a “nice priced” laptop and 100GB of storage in the Cloud is something quite interesting for me. I have for long time found myself moving more and more content in this direction – so the offering look excellent. I think it would be a real pleasure for me to have that appliance as a replacement for the “table bound” desktop that some of us still use.

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