Google to cancel free 10-user Apps Service

Big surprise in thews today, Google is to cancel it’s free 10 user Apps implementation – a service many small companies rely on, only leaving the 50$ pr user – pr year option.

Although i am NOT sure how this will benefit Google (not sure how much $$$ it’s going to contribute to them), they are clearly in their right to be doing such a move. They made the service, they made it available for many (for free) and now they feel ready for charging $ for it.

I hear a lot of “bitching on the internet” – people believe it’s unfair, and that Google was supposed to replace it, since it has been crucial for them (potentially their business). My opinion is that – i really think that the G-Apps is worth the money – and if you cannot generate (and pay) 50$ for such a service, perhaps you should reconsider her price/fee model for your business.

I do not know where the broader audience believe that large (commercial) enterprises are supposed to give away their products for free; i read an interesting tweet from an (Book Author) who said he had received a lot of complaint over his book now had raised to 9,99$ on Itunes, people wrote angry emails to him, complaining over this.
As he so kindly noted, people wrote from Starbucks (sipping their 5-7$ latte) complaining over him charging this fee, for a book that took him 9 months to write !!!

I embrace the change from Google, and will continue to explain people, that free software is NOT a mandatory thing, it’s an effort by a community that cares, not a corporation.


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