How to secure better utilization (Personal Project)

As we stand (October 2012) the industry has come to terms of a better utilization – and the fact that virtual environment is everywhere; who would actually consider RAW IRON deployment (for traditional services).

What we have today (in the traditional deployment patterns) are systems based on VMware and Microsoft Hyber-V (Some choose Citrix/XEN) and other players out there; we all (mostly) consider Full Virtualization as the standard – only a few (Service Providers and Hosting Companies) offer the VPS (Virtual Private Container Approach) – Para-Virtualization as a valid alternative.

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Utilization and Data Centers vs. Private/Public Cloud

I read recently a very well written article about Data Center Utilization and what is actually hidden behind this information.

Before we actually start bashing the different Managers about the CPU Cycles – there is a point, it’s more about how efficient we utilize the services we have in place. CPU Cycles is only a part of this, we also need to look at numbers of Clients/Connections/Sessions that we are utilizing – and at the same time how we we serve our clients.

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