Back to Basics, AbiWord

I have now in so long time been surfing (the Internet) working with different applications – as replacement of the typical desktop – and i think it‹s time to display my finding – starting out with the Word Processor.

Having fiddled around with the Usual Suspects (Micro$oft Office, Libreoffice / OpenOffice, Corel Wordperfect) and a few other editors; i ended up with what i consider the obvious Choice; The AbiWord Application.

The AbiWord Application is the kind of fuzz free and no-nonsense application that every user should be comfortable around – a Lightweight Application, which can be used by almost anything you throw at it.

The first thing I noticed when typing in Abiword is the complete and utter lack of lag. Quite often when I’m typing a document in MS Word there will be a momentary delay and the cursor will skip a couple of characters – no reasons why ??

Working with different tools, tables, paragraphs and styles – everything just work out of the box (uhm, from the installation software). I am having a Word-processor who is free of charge (Open Source Software) and takes up less than 22MB on my computer(s) SSD drive, and i get the same value from it, as i used to get with a standard Word-processor.

I am currently on a journey where i will look into the value of applications and web services – that i can utilize when performing actions on my computer, and i have to say – next to my usage of Google Docs, the AbiWord has filled certain spots which are still not completed in Google Docs.


One thought on “Back to Basics, AbiWord

  1. And as a side note to this post, i better extend the information of my need of tools for Word Processing. My main editor is Google Docs, no doubt about it.
    I love the convenient fact that it’s done through my browser and secured on the web (no, i do not care that Google have access to my content and information) – and should they find a way to “enhance my Internet experience though indexing and reading things, so be it”.

    Once in a while, the Google Docs are not to ideal, things like “Page Sizes, modifying these, working with Tables and more advanced Indexing” i find the Google Tools a “bit rough on the edges” – and offline services become the excellent Saviour for my day to day requirements.

    Finally, writing to my Blog (this one) still leave’s funny formatting in the Google Documents, something that is completely absent when using AbiWord. This application rocks.

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