Back to Basics, AbiWord

I have now in so long time been surfing (the Internet) working with different applications – as replacement of the typical desktop – and i think it‹s time to display my finding – starting out with the Word Processor.

Having fiddled around with the Usual Suspects (Micro$oft Office, Libreoffice / OpenOffice, Corel Wordperfect) and a few other editors; i ended up with what i consider the obvious Choice; The AbiWord Application.

The AbiWord Application is the kind of fuzz free and no-nonsense application that every user should be comfortable around – a Lightweight Application, which can be used by almost anything you throw at it.

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Protect your Home Data

I think we are all facing the same problem at home; our storage requirements may grow (we take more pictures of the kids, events and such) and all content seems to grow (at least for me). There are a couple of ways by which you can backup your documents, photos, emails and other important files that on your home computer.

  • Use an external drive
  • Backup to another computer
  • Use Offsite Backup
  • RAID on disk; despite what is told by others this is NOT a backup function.  

In my own environment (Home Setup includes a NAS from Netgear) – none of the above has not directly been an option – i simply have my data scattered around different devices – so i decided to use my NAS as a central holding point for all data – and bring it from the NAS to the Cloud.

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