Why i do not use facebook (and why it doesn’t interest me)

Personal Statement: Facebook does not provide me with anything useful.

When it comes to staying connected to the people I care about, they either live with me, I talk to them on the phone, or have a dinner/barbecue or lunch with them… This is just enough for me !!!

There is a reason why I am no longer in dialogue with people from school, ex colleagues or random acquaintances… We all moved on, became different people, married, divorced – changed context, and lost the thread that united us before.

My personal Facebook experience of finding long lost friends is mostly a short awkward “hello, how are you, what happened” followed by a one sided stream of random and (utterly) useless information.
 Facebook is NOT a content provider for me… I rather rely on the 1000’s of sources avaliable (RSS, Newsletters, Magazines, etc and to a minor extent a bit of the content i find on the Google+ Pages) – i do not very often find the same stuff interesting as most other “friends of the facebook universe”.

Maybe it is just me, but in my offline world, information and sharing works perfectly fine without Facebook. As for casual chatting, games, and leaving comments on people’s photos – I choose to spend my free time doing something else. Instead of dealing with people’s nonse…ce

I am in no way suggesting that almost 500-600 million people are wrong. The massive and highly engaged Facebook user base clearly gets value and satisfaction from the product. I am also in no way critical or judgmental about those who find value there. Good for them! But for me, there are so many other unsolved problems in the world, and they have little to do with social.

Go out, enjoy the company of people, instead of the “friends of facebook”.

PS: I am in no way a perfect, in real life friend. There are people i do not see as often as i wish, but having them as facebook friends, just doesn’t cut it for me.


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