Guide to Scary Internet Stuff – Phishing

Yes, i do know that many of you are aware that i am working for Symantec, but i have found these presentations excellent, especially for those who may need a reminder why we have to take care on the web.

I will try (over time) to post some of the Videos (embedded) but do take the time (once in a while) and remind yourself, there is a less to be learned – and try not to be a target out there.


Why i do not use facebook (and why it doesn’t interest me)

Personal Statement: Facebook does not provide me with anything useful.

When it comes to staying connected to the people I care about, they either live with me, I talk to them on the phone, or have a dinner/barbecue or lunch with them… This is just enough for me !!!

There is a reason why I am no longer in dialogue with people from school, ex colleagues or random acquaintances… We all moved on, became different people, married, divorced – changed context, and lost the thread that united us before.

My personal Facebook experience of finding long lost friends is mostly a short awkward “hello, how are you, what happened” followed by a one sided stream of random and (utterly) useless information.
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