The G/M/O Apps – Experience and Dream Scenario

As many of you may know, i work in the Cloud -for the (symantec) Cloud and with Cloud Offerings. And still (for work) rely on simple tools like Microsoft Office (nothing wrong with the tool itself) – but not exactly the kind of service i would prefer.

I have (purely personal) seen myself as a Google Apps user for several years (even before i joined my current employer) i have utilised the services offered by (hmmm) Google – and i must give praise where relevant – ….and currently i do think the Big G is leading the effort – no HW/SW requirement, just us and consume the services.

The reason why i like the G-Apps suite is (for your information):

  • No hardware / software to maintain
  • No need for capital investment – consume and pay as you go
  • No real IT staff to support the services (although, i do acknowledge that there is a learning curve from M$-Office)
  • Anytime, and Anywhere – Access to your content on the fly (yes, there is dis-advantages with no physical security, but it out-weight the easy access any-day).
  • The Collaboration Tools; Focus is how do we work in teams. (G-Talk, Multiple Editors, Easy Sharing etc)
  • Mobile Devices (Hey, every platform are able to run it)

There is no need for me to give the “review” approach of the G-Apps Suite, i think (and agree) with the presentation made by Google Themselfes:  – and i must admit i am looking forward to what the future can bring.

By the way – for sure – it would not only be Google who will innovate, the things happening on the Tablet (Business Area) the interesting things that both Micro$oft Corp and RIM [Blackberry] makes an exiting future.

What i would hope for today is

  • a more “device / consumption approach” – hopefully involving some light appliances (dare i say tablets) who are not only able to – but also suggested / advised by the organisation to be used for work efforts –
  • a global (cloud) environment where we access, store and retrieve data – and not rely on “corporate lan” vpn and other solutions for “safe access” – a simple identify should be sufficient (an identify on my tablet/phone or Ultra-book)
  • with a SSO solution behind it..

Watch this space – it seems (and this is NOT a corporate funded effort) – – but i do think we (Symantec) are moving places. Just looking forward to the day we go full scale here.


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